Pavilion Furniture

The Arboretum includes furniture to seat 200 people with Pavilion rental, at no charge. In accordance with our mission of sustainability, our furniture is free of PVC, and our tables are made of recycled plastics. We have:

200 taupe resin folding chairs with padded seats

25 sturdy, round folding tables that seat eight to ten people each. These are 5-foot or 60″ diameter tables, which is a standard size and compatible with standard linens.

Five picnic tables with attached benches are placed around the outside of the Pavilion. The tables seat about 45 people, and you are welcome to move them. Please return them to their original locations when you depart.

We also have 16 rectangular plastic buffet tables (8 – six feet long and 8 – eight feet long).

Set-Up/Take Down Process:

At your site review, the Event Coordinator will give you a tour of the Pavilion and show you where the furniture is stored. On the day of your event, when you arrive at the White Oak Pavilion at 11:00am, you will be met by our event staff who will then unlock the facilities and gates for you. Our Event Coordinator will help your pre-designated set-up crew remove any furniture you wish to use. We have rolling carts that hold five tables or thirty chairs, so moving furniture is relatively easy.

After your event, members of your party should wipe down any excessive spills left on the furniture and floors. Please LEAVE ALL FURNITURE INSIDE THE PAVILION. You do not need to put the  furniture away once your event is over. Please DO NOT LITTER. This includes confetti, rice, birdseed, petals, and plant material from bouquets and centerpieces. Please make sure that all garbage,  compostables, and recycling are place in the proper bins provided. Please remove all your decorations and take them with you.