Frequently Asked Rental Questions

Securing Your Reservation…

How do I secure my reservation?
We can hold your desired date for you for 2 days without an application or deposit. To hold a reservation permanently, you must pay a deposit (which is half of the rental fee).  The deposit is non-refundable, unless your date is booked by someone else.  The balance is due by January 1st before your event.

Parking Passes…

Are parking passes required for my guests?
Yes, parking passes are required year-round.  Everyone who enters the park must purchase a $4 Lane County Parks parking pass, regardless of his or her purpose in the Arboretum.  (i.e. – those helping with set-up still need a pass.)  Those without parking passes risk getting a large fine, imposed by rangers who patrol the park.  You can buy passes from the site rental coordinator ahead of time, and return unused passes for a refund. Some people mail passes to their guests ahead of time, and some have a member of their party hand them out to arriving guests. You can also buy passes one at a time from the machine on the entry road.

Why aren’t parking passes included in the rental fee?
Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a private, non-profit organization that leases land from Lane County.  The Arboretum does not charge the parking fees or receive any income from these fees, but visitors to the Arboretum are subject to paying the parking fees to Lane County Parks.

White Oak Pavilion Use and Tables and Chairs…

What is the maximum occupancy of the White Oak Pavilion?

Do we have to remove our own trash and recycling?
The Arboretum provides 50 gallon trash cans and 50 gallon recycling bins, and will take care of waste left in those bins.  You are required to pick up any garbage from the Pavilion and dispose of it in the proper receptacles.  Any excessive clean-up required by Arboretum staff will result in a charge to your cleaning deposit (this includes picking up confetti).

How many tables and chairs does Mount Pisgah Arboretum provide, free of charge, to accommodate my guests?
The Arboretum provides wooden picnic tables to accommodate up to about 65 people. The Arboretum also provides 25 round plastic folding tables (5 feet/60 inches in diameter) and 200 taupe folding chairs that accommodate 200 people. You may also use our eight 6-foot long and eight 8-foot long rectangular tables for your food, drinks, cake, DJ’s, gifts, etc. We do not supply linens. Parties to Go (in Eugene, 541-485-5587) has delivered to the Arboretum in the past and is familiar with our policies. Renters are responsible for setting up and taking down furniture, which is left in a storage room at the Pavilion.

Our rental company can only pick up our linens and dishes the following morning; is this allowed?  Do we need to be concerned about theft or vandalism?
Items that are rented from outside companies may be left in the Pavilion overnight, provided they are picked up the following morning.  Although the Arboretum is not liable for anything left overnight, theft or vandalism in the Pavilion has not been a problem in the past.

What other extras are available?
The Arboretum can provide white globe hanging lanterns for $200, and four patio-style propane heaters for $40 each.

Can we get extra rental time to set up early or end late?

Our Pavilion custodian crew usually cleans the building in the morning before each event. We ask renters to begin setup no earlier than noon. Guests should leave your event by 10pm, but you can clean up quietly after 10pm with no extra charge.

Are grills allowed at the Arboretum?
Propane and gas grills are permitted (no charcoal or fire).  These must be used only on the gravel surrounding the Pavilion, and not on the grass, cement, or bricks.

Is alcohol allowed?
You may serve beer, wine, or liquor to your guests with licensed servers. Please remember that your guests may have a long, dark drive ahead of them.

Can we drive up to the White Oak Pavilion or to the Ceremony Site?
Yes, you can drive to the White Oak Pavilion during set-up. You may also drop off near your Ceremony Site if any guests have special needs or difficulty walking. There are two disabled parking spaces at the Pavilion. Once set-up and/or drop-off is complete, please move cars back to the parking lot, except for cars with handicapped parking placards.

Will we have access to water and electricity?
Yes, there are 13 electrical outlets inside the building, and outlets on the four corners of the building outside.  There are four potable water spouts, one outdoor sink, one indoor sink with counters, and a sink in each of the four rest rooms.

Meeting with Arboretum Staff…

When can I meet with Arboretum staff to discuss any questions or concerns?
Once applicants have secured their reservation with a deposit, they must schedule a time for a one hour Site Review with the Event Coordinator.  This is the time to ask specific site-related questions that event organizers, caterers or other event organizers may have concerning set-up and other event details.  Please come to this meeting prepared with how many people will be attending, and the name and contact information of caterers, musicians, and other service providers.  Please provide contact information for the overall event organizer and a contact person who could be reached the day of the event if needed.  Please schedule your Site Review for about 6-8 weeks prior to your event. Feel free to call or email the site rentals coordinator with questions any time, or to schedule a tour of the site. Also, please feel free to visit the site on your own, but do not disturb other events or enter the building when it is being used for events, or school group lunches.


Are there rest rooms on site?
Yes, there are four private restrooms at the Pavilion.

For weddings, is there an area for the bride and groom to change?
Yes, there are separate bride and groom rooms at the Pavilion, complete with a mirror and furniture.

Are the grounds lit?
The Pavilion and the bathrooms are both very well lit.  There is no lighting on the paths back to the parking lot, so you may want to bring a few flashlights for escorting guests to their cars in the dark, unlit lot. You may also wish to bring Christmas lights to string along the paths.

Is theft a concern in the Arboretum?
In the past, automobile break-ins have been a problem.  They have significantly declined in recent years, thanks to patrols by rangers enforcing the parking fee and our new Park Watch Volunteer Program. However, it is still best to never leave valuables in your vehicle.

Should I be concerned with the general public interfering with my event?
The Arboretum is a public place, so there will be people here enjoying nature and using the rest rooms and parking lot until dusk.  However, we have found that the public is very respectful of weddings and does not interfere.  We also post signs explaining that there is a wedding in progress.


Have even more questions? Contact the Event Coordinator at 541-747-1504 or email at