Walks & Workshops

Spring Birds of Mount Pisgah Arboretum

April 20, 8-10:30am

Join Nature Guides Julia Siporin and Chris Roth for another monthly bird walk intended for people with all levels of birding experience, beginner to advanced. We’ll use vocalizations, habitat, and behavior clues for identification of our spring and year-round residents. Come discover or rediscover the Arboretum’s avian diversity. Please bring binoculars and be prepared for potentially inclement weather! Option to continue the walk until noon for those who are interested.

Meet at the Arboretum Visitor Center. $5, Members Free.


Pollination Ecology Walk

April 27, 10am-noon

Join Arboretum Assistant Site Manager August Jackson for a tour of the Arboretum’s wildflowers and their pollinators.  Discover how floral shape and color can influence successful pollination and how flowers attempt to “choose” their visitors.  Learn the foraging and nesting habits of common native bees, and meet a cartoonish bumblebee-mimic fly that finds a home on Mount Pisgah’s prairies.

Meet at the Arboretum Visitor Center. Families $8, Adults $5 (members free)


Amphibians and Reptiles

May 3, 1-3pm

Join Tom Titus, local biologist, author, and President of the Eugene Natural History Society, on an exciting exploration of the reptiles and amphibians that make their home on Mount Pisgah. From the forest and oak savannah to the riparian areas, Tom will open your eyes to these amazing creatures and hopefully capture a few to look at more closely. (ages 8 and up)

Meet at the Arboretum Visitor Center. Families $8, Adults $5 (members free)


Pollination Ecology – Science Pub

May 8, 7-9pm

With a focus on well-known local flora, August Jackson, Assistant Site Manager at Mount Pisgah Arboretum, will discuss one of nature’s most fascinating and intricate mutualisms, and unravel some of the complex interactions that color our world. Learn how flowers choose their pollinators, and how pollinators in turn shape floral evolution. August will also illustrate how a good understanding of local pollination webs can inform better restoration practices.
All ages. $5 suggested donation.

More information: https://www.omsi.edu/sciencepubeugene/050814


Wildflower Walk

May 13, 10am-noon

Come enjoy peak wildflower displays along the arboretum trails at this time of year on a spring walk led by Gail Baker, LCC professor emeritus. Camas and Iris should be in full flower and we’ll look for Pale Baby Blue-Eyes and Blue Eyed Mary, this year’s poster flower for the upcoming Wildflower Festival.  We will also see some colorful developing fruits of the early season flowers such as osoberry. Gentle trails will pass through forests, wetlands, meadows, and riverside habitats.
Meet at the Visitor Center. Adults $5 (members free)


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